High Acceptance Rate Universities in USA

Published at: 11 Mar, 2024


High Acceptance Rate Universities in USA for 2024 for international students. Having limited seats, good universities has huge application for admission. So, they have low acceptance rate.

High Acceptance Rate Universities in USA for 2024

Few Universities has accepted rate more than 90%. Following are the universities with their acceptance rate.

Name of the UniversitiesAcceptance Rate
University of Texas at Arlington81%
Pace University81%
University of Texas at Arlington 81%
University of Toledo 81%
University of Texas at Dallas 84%
Arizona State University 85%
University of Colorado Boulder 85%
Kent State University85%
University of Massachusetts—Boston 85%
University of Cincinnati 86%
Colorado State University 89%
Long Island University 93%
University of Kansas 93%
Arkansas Tech University 95%
University of Utah 96%
University of Kentucky97%
University of Mississippi98%
Weber State University 100%

Hence, these are the Universities with acceptance rate for international students.

Acceptance Rate of Best Universities of USA

Following are the acceptance rate of best Universities of USA.

Best UniversitiesAcceptance Rate
California Institute of Technology 2.7%
Harvard University 3.2%
Stanford University 3.7%
Columbia University 3.9%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4%
Yale University 4.6%
Brown University 5.1%
University of Chicago 5.4%
Princeton University 5.7%
Duke University 6.3%
University of Pennsylvania 6.5%
Northwestern University 7.2%
Johns Hopkins University7.3%
Cornell University 7.5%
University of California, San Diego 8.6%%
University of California, Los Angeles 9%
Carnegie Mellon University 11.3%
University of California, Berkeley 11.3%
New York University 12.5%
Boston University 14.4%
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 17.7%

Hence, these are the acceptance rate of best universities of USA.

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