Student Visa SEVIS Fee for USA

Published at: 11 Mar, 2024


We have information of Student Visa SEVIS Fee and MRV fee for USA. It needs to be paid for getting interview date and applying the visa.

Student Visa SEVIS Fee for USA

Following is the actual cost of SEVIS and MRV for USA.


SEVIS Fee for the USA is $350.

Students need to pay SEVIS fees to face interview. It is paid just before 1 week of facing interview and is valid for 1 years. It is non-refundable fund.

MRV fee for USA

MRV fee for USA is $185.

MRV is one-time fee. MRV is also known as application fees for USA. Students need to pay it for every application to the USA. It is non-refindable fee.

Types of Visas

Generally, Nepalese use to go to USA for different purpose by applying through different visa. Following are the few types of US visa.

Visa FeeVisa TypeDescription
$185 F Student (Academic).
$185 M Student (Vocational)
$185JExchange Visitor.
$185 B Business/Tourist.
$185 IJournalist and Media.
$205 RReligious Worker.
$205 PAthletes, Artists & Entertainers.
$265KFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen.

Hence, these are the Visa Type and their respective fees for USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Cost of Student Visa Fee for USA?

= The cost of students Visa fee for USA is $350. It is non-refundable fee.

b. Which bank to pay the SEVIS fee in Nepal?

= Students can pay the SEVIS fee in Nepal from Nepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd (NIMB).

c. MRV Fee for US.

= The MRV Fee for USA is $185 and it can be paid with the help of NIMB bank Ltd.

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