UK Student Visa Requirements from Nepal 2024

We have detailed information on UK Student Visa Requirements from Nepal 2024. Document required for the UK for a student visa.

The United Kingdom is the second largest country in terms of welcoming international students in the world. Students all over the world dream of studying and working in the UK, second only to the USA. Similarly, Nepal is one of the countries from which students visit the UK for higher education. However, merely having an interest does not grant students a visa from the UK government. Students need to fulfill specific requirements to study in the UK from Nepal.

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UK Student Visa Requirements from Nepal 2024

Following are the different requirements for a UK student visa from Nepal.

Minimum GPA or percentage required for a student visa to the UK

Following are the GPAs required to study in the UK from Nepal.


  • A minimum of 65% is required in grade 12, and having more than 80% will provide an advantage for admission and scholarships.
  • Students having lower grades than 60% can apply to the UK’s Foundations and Diploma programs.


  • A minimum of 60% in a bachelor's degree is enough for a Master's degree in the UK.
  • Students with GMAT scores between 600 and 700 who have 55% in bachelor's degree can get enrollment in Management programs.

Hence, the Minimum percentage for a bachelor's degree is 65%, and 60% for a Master's degree is required to study in the UK.

Note: Students must be 18 years old, or you will be, to enroll in a degree program.

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Documents required for a student visa to the UK

Following are the documents required for a student visa to the UK from Nepal.

  • A passport that is currently valid.
  • Citizenship Certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Other
  • Financial documents for proof or evidence.
  • IHS Surcharge.
  • English language proficiency test certificate.
  • Sponsorship letter.
  • Work experience ( if any).
  • A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number.
  • Recent color passport photos.
  • Academic documents like transcripts, provisional certificates, and character certificates.
  • Medical test results for tuberculosis.
  • Payment of the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS).

English Language Proficiency Requirement for the UK

Following are the IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, and TOEFL requirements for the UK.

LanguageMinimum Score
Duolingo105 or higher.
PTE60 or higher.
IELTS6.0 or higher.
TOEFL100 or higher.

Note: these are the English language proficiency test requirements for the UK. Anybody willing to study in the UK needs to have the score mentioned here.

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GPA Requirement for Top Universities in the UK

Following are the GPA requirements for Top Universities in the UK.

S.NName of the UniverstiesGPA requirement
1University of Oxford3.7 GPA
2University of Cambridge3.5 GPA
3 Imperial College London3.2 GPA
5University of Edinburgh3.3 GPA
6King’s College London3.3 GPA
7London School of Economics and Political Science3.3 GPA
8University of Manchester3.41 GPA
9University of Bristol3.6 GPA
10University of Glasgow3.5 GPA

If you are dreaming of studying in the UK from Nepal, you need to collect all the required documents. Additionally, you must meet the minimum percentage and English proficiency test requirements.

Hence, these are the Student Visa for UK Requirements from Nepal.

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