List of Colleges that do not require the SAT in USA

Published at: 30 May, 2024


Many universities require SAT scores for admission, but some colleges and universities do not require SAT scores for the admission process. Here is the List of Colleges that do not require the SAT in the USA for 2024.

International students willing to study in the USA can apply to colleges and universities without submitting SAT scores. If a university states that SAT scores are optional, it means that the SAT score does not impact the application process for admission to that university or college.

List of Colleges that do not require the SAT in the USA

Following are the colleges and universities, that accept applications without SAT scores.

Name of the UniversitiesAverage Tuition Fees
Hampshire College$28,579
George Washington University - Optional$67,420
Colorado College$30,966
Smith College - Optional$64,870
Connecticut College - Optional$82,697
Ithaca College - Optional$53,540
Northwestern University$28,230
Rice University$17,805
Amherst College - Optional$83,650
California State University$17,388
Carleton College - Optional$81,350
University of Washington$87,080
Texas A&M University $40,139
Pomona College$81,196

Note: University and college policies frequently change, so make sure to check their respective websites before applying.

Frequently Asked Question

a. Can I apply to the USA without the SAT?

= Yes, few universities accept applications without the SAT.

Which university does not require an SAT in the US?

= Following Universities does not require the SAT score in the USA:

  • Hampshire College.
  • George Washington University - Optional.
  • Northwestern University.
  • California State University.
  • Texas A&M University.
  • University of Washington.
  • Amherst College - Optional.

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