Student Visa Fee for Australia

Published at: 11 Mar, 2024


Students need to pay certain fees as student visa fee for processing the students visa to study in Australia for International students. Here, is the information of Student Visa Fee for Australia.

Australia is getting popular among the international students for higher education. Yearly, the flow of students is growing to get admission in top universities of Australia.

Student Visa Fee for Australia from Nepal

Following is the information of student's visa fee.

Student Visa (Subclass 500) – DoHA Fees

ParticularsVisa Fee
Main ApplicantAUD$ 710
Additional Applicant Charge ( 18 or older than 18) AUD$ 530 each
Additional Applicant Charge: (under 18 years old AUD$ 175 each
Students Guardian VisaAUD$ 560

Hence, students need to Pay AUD 710 as a students visa fee. It is Rs. 62,108.54. (As per the rate of 11th March 2024)

Australian Visa Type

Following are the few Australian Visa Type.

Visa TypeValidity
Student Visa (subclass 500) Up to 5 years
Visitor Visa (subclass 600, 601, 651) For a maximum of 4 months of study
Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 and 462) 18 months to 4 years ( for those students who has completed course and want to gain experience in a related field.
Student Guardian Visa 3 Months
Temporary Graduate Visa 18 months to 4 years ( for those students who have completed the course and want to gain experience in a related field.

Hence, these are the few Visas offered by Australian government for international people. Similarly, these are the visa type maximum Nepalese apply for.
Frequently Asked Questions

a. Cost of student's visa for Australia from Nepal?

= AUD 710 is the cost of students visa for Australia from Nepal.

b. Validity of students visa for Australia.

= 5 years is the validity period for students visa for Australia.

c. How much is biometrics fees for Australia visa?

= Rs. 3,575 is the biometrics fees for Australia Students Visa. Students do their biometric at the Australian Biometric Collection Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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