Student Visa Fees for Canada from Nepal

Published at: 11 Mar, 2024


Students need to pay certain non-refundable fees as Student Visa Fees for Canada from Nepal.

Canada is getting popular among the international students for higher education. Nepal is one of the country from where thousands of students visit Canada for the undergraduates and graduates' degree.

Student Visa Fees for Canada from Nepal

A student who wants to study in Canada from Nepal needs to pay CAD$150 as a student visa fee. It is a compulsory fee which is non-refunded. It is Rs. 14,641.30 in Nepali currency. Similarly, Students need to pay CAD$85 as a biometrics fee which is Rs. 8,296.74. Total Money students need to pay is Rs. 22,938.04

Note: Conversion of CAD$ to Nepalese Rupees is done on 29th February 2024. Students can pay the application fees through a commercial bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the student visa fee for Canada from Nepal?

= Students need to pay CAD$ 185 as the student’s visa fees for Canada. It is Rs. 14,641.30.

How to pay biometric fee for Canada in Nepal?

= Students can pay the biometric fee for Canada in Nepal through commercial banks like Nabil Bank, NMB Bank, etc. Similarly, students can pay with the help of Dollar Cards as well.

How much is Canada biometrics fee?

= The biometrics fee for Canada is CAD$85 which is Rs. 8,296.74.

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