Top 10 IELTS and PTE preparation Consultancy in Lalitpur

Published at: 31 May, 2024


We have a list of the Top 10 IELTS and PTE preparation Consultancy in Lalitpur.

IELTS and PTE are language proficiency tests required to prove a student's English communication skills for admission to universities and colleges. Good scores in IELTS and PTE support the enrollment process in desired universities and colleges. Therefore, IELTS and PTE are important factors for admission to universities worldwide.

Top 10 IELTS and PTE preparation Consultancy in Lalitpur

All the Consultancy listed here are the best consultancy in Lalitpur for IELTS and PTE preparation.


KIEC is a test preparation center with a long history of assisting students with IELTS and PTE preparation. They guide students with expert faculty and provide all the necessary materials for these exams.

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Nepal Education Consultancy

Nepal Education Consultancy is one of the oldest test preparation and abroad study centers in Lalitpur, Nepal. They have helped thousands of students achieve better scores in test preparation like IELTS and PTE, which in turn helps them gain admission to their desired colleges and universities worldwide.

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Education Planet

Education Planet, one of the best consultancies in Lalitpur, helps students prepare for IELTS and PTE. Both IELTS and PTE pave the way for international education and career success. They offer expert teachers to ensure students achieve their best scores.

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Oli & Associates

Oli & Associates is an educational consultancy that guides students in better preparing for the IELTS and PTE tests. IELTS and PTE play a vital role in gaining admission to desired colleges. With their experience, Oli & Associates helps students achieve their desired scores.

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Maximax Education and Migration Services

Maximax Education and Migration Services can be a good choice for IELTS and PTE preparation in Lalitpur. They offer a range of services, including one-to-one sessions, personalized guidance, mock tests, date booking services, and unlimited guidance.

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Dolphin Education

With the assistance of Dolphin Education, get one step closer to your dreams by securing a desirable score in IELTS. Expert guidance, study materials, and a conducive study environment are some of the features that make Dolphin Education stand out.

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Summary of top IELTS and PTE preparation Consultancy in Lalitpur

Name of the ConsultancyAddress
Oli & Associates2nd Floor Samsung Building, Kumaripati
Nepal Education ConsultancyKumaripati , Lalitpur.
Education PlanetLagankhel, Mahalaxmisthan.
Access EducationKumaripati, Lalitpur
Maximax Education and Migration ServicesKumaripati, (Trimurti Bhawan- 3rd floor)
KIECPatan Hospital Road, Lalitpur
Dolphin EducationMain Road Kumaripati (Above Siddhartha Bank).
HUB International EducationKumaripati(Opposite Global IME Bank).
Right and AssociatesLevel 2 Samsung building, Yala Sadak, Kumaripati

Hence, these are the top IELTS and PTE preparation institutes with the best preparation classes.

Frequently Asked Question

a. Japanese Language Preparation Consultancy in Lalitpur?

= Following are the Japanese language preparation consultancy in Lalitpur:

  • Aazumi Japanese Language Consultancy = lagankhel, Lalitpur.
  • Lalitpur Educational Consultancy = Kumaripati.05, Lalitpur.
  • Glorious Nepal Educational Consultancy = Lagankhel, Lalitpur.

Note: Please do more research before choosing any consultancy. We have just listed the available option that helps students in test preparation.

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